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Au pays des carrioles (carts) is a new concept in amusement par that is completely unique in France. This concept is the discovery of small, non-motorized soapbox cars, push carts, carts and the contact with domestic animals in a wonderful tree covered setting.

Only 15 minutes from Montpellier and Clermont l'Hérault,the 3 acre parc is located in the communal forest of La Boissière. At au pays des carrioles, wonderful family times are assured with your children and offers many fun and educational activities: beautiful nature walks and the new adventure sled !


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Soap box racers / Mini-motos / Carriages

The soap box, what is it ?

In the 1930's a clever soap manufacturer had the idea to put in his boxes of soap, pieces of metal and wheels. Thanks to these pieces, children could fabricate their own soapbox racer, and organize races to see who's soapbox was the champion.

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Push carts

A recreational activity that is educational because the child learns to drive with a steering wheel on a shade covered circuit. Roadsigns on the circuit teach children the basic principales of the rules of the road.
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Other activities

1. The circuit
A large circuit set up  waiting for your child to play freely with cars and characters that will be handed over to the ticket. Located in the shade of oaks, a large nearby bench waiting for you to watch your child for moments of pure pleasure.
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Richkshaw ride on a lovely trail with view of the plain of La Boissière.

The ride takes you outside the park on a trail with signs, in a one-seater or two-seater rickshaw pulled by an accompagnying adult.

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Animal enclosures

Take a box of food at the ticket counter and go feed the various animals (rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs, goats and sheep) in their enclosures.
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